Handmade Leather Workshop 手造皮具製作班
Basic Technique – Hand Stitch, Lining, Fastening and Leather Finishing, you can make 2 to 3 small products, e.g.small handbag, coins bag, organizer, card holder, small camera bag etc. the size of product is under A5.

For more complicated products or products at A5 size or above, student may need to add extra lessons at rate $420/ 2 hours per sessions.


2 days workshop
Wed  :          1:30-5:30pm    (2 days) 

4 Sessions Regular workshop schedule

Every Saturday:        12:00-2:00pm
Every Saturday:        2:15-4:15pm
Every Saturday:        4:30-6:30pm

Every Sunday:          12:00-2:00pm
Every Sunday:          2:15-4:15pm
Every Sunday:          4:30-6:30pm

Every Wednesday:    7:00-9:00pm
 Thursday:                7:00-9:00pm

4 Sessions (2 hours per session)

2 sessions workshop (2 hours per session)


6-11 People per Class  
Material Included

email to fungusworkshop@gmail.com or phone to 2108 4522 for reservation.


Payment Policy:
- HK$680 deposit is to be paid within 5 working days after registration. The remaining balance of HK$1,000 is to be paid on the first lesson by cash or cheque. Seats will be released to others if the deposit is not paid on time

Make-Up Class Policy:
- No refund of deposit if applicant fail to show up on the first lesson.
- No make-up class for the absence of the first lesson.
- Rescheduling of make-up class can only be arranged ONE time only. 1 week notice for absence is required, otherwise refund will not be returned.
- Make-up classes will only be arranged if there is “Black Rainstorm Warnings” or "No.8 Typhoon Signal.” Dates for make-up class will be arranged according to Fungus Workshop for each student separately.



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