| 2010-4-10 | by Fungus Workshop |

hoiming's latest Collection "rain or shine" is now featuring "Create . Fashion . YDC" exhibition at Time Square from 13-20 April.

(click to see the details of the poster)


| 2010-4-9 | by Fungus Workshop |

Jay is wearing homing's rose badge.


| 2010-4-9 | by Fungus Workshop |

A lens case with box stitch (駒合縫) . tailor-made for my Carl Zeiss lens. (not for beginner workshop)


| 2010-4-8 | by Fungus Workshop |

lovely products made by our students Peko and Tracy.


| 2010-4-7 | by Fungus Workshop |

new member of Fungus Workshop


| 2010-4-3 | by Fungus Workshop |

hoiming made a watch strap for her watch


| 2010-4-3 | by Fungus Workshop |

one day workshop - handmade gift for girl friend.

welcome friends or students who attended the handmade leather workshop before. call us if you have idea. you can make it within one day.


| 2010-4-2 | by Fungus Workshop |

made by order. 2 young men from swiss ordered camera strap, card holder and watch strap in Fungus workshop. they are satisfied with the leather products.


| 2010-4-1 | by Fungus Workshop |

enjoy a night at Fungus Workshop.


| 2010-3-27 | by Fungus Workshop |

all photographers now have chance to make your own strap for your camera.

2-way clutch for 6 sessions.

shoulder handbag for 5 sessions.

a small bag/ accessory, you can make it in the handmade leather workshop now.
you can modify the size for your cell phone.

large tote bag for 6 sessions.


| 2010-3-16 | by Fungus Workshop |

course details are updated!! more products you can choose to make now!!

Leather Workshop 手造皮具製作班
Basic Technique – Hand Stitch, Lining, Fastening and Leather Finishing, you can make 2 to 3 products, e.g. Handbag, Coins Bag, Organizer, Card Holder, etc.
Parts of March Lesson are full and on-going, you can come and join our coming lesson.

Every Fri: 7-9pm start on 26 Mar
Every Sat: 12-2pm start on 27 Mar
Every Sat: 6-8pm start on 27 Mar

or April Lessons
Every Tue: 7-9pm start on 20 Apr
Every Sat: 2-4pm start on 17 Apr
Every Sat: 4-6pm start on 17 Apr
**no lessons on 2-6 April for public holiday**


| 2010-3-16 | by Fungus Workshop |

check out 'hoiming' S/S 10 collections at hoiming.net now!!

photos by cowrice


| 2010-3-12 | by Fungus Workshop |

hi, part of the beginner class products at fungus workshop.
March workshop, Tue 7-9 and Sat 3-5 are full, thank you!
come to our Sat 5-7 and we will open our Thur session soon.
new products keep coming…

an organizer, you can make it at beginner class.

a leather bag for 6 sessions.


| 2010-3-12 | by Fungus Workshop |

pinhole photographer, martin cheung, visited us and made a black leather strap for his b/w HOLGA.


| 2010-3-12 | by Fungus Workshop |

showcasing hoiming FW2010 collection @ Paris Tradeshow.




| 2010-3-12 | by Fungus Workshop |

cowrice, one of guest speaker at pecha kucha night 9.


| 2010-3-10 | by Fungus Workshop |

our first class, all students felt happy to get their lovely leather products.


| 2010-3-10 | by Fungus Workshop |

some new products for our beginner course.


| 2010-3-1 | by Fungus Workshop |

February Classes are on-going, now welcome you to apply for our March Classes.
HKD1600 for 4 sessions (2hrs per session)
Every Tue: 7-9pm start on 16 Mar
Every Sat: 3-5pm start on 13 Mar
Every Sat: 5-7pm start on 13 Mar


| 2010-2-11 | by Fungus Workshop |

lovely students enjoy lesson in fungus workshop.


| 2010-2-10 | by Fungus Workshop |

A Valentine's Day gift for him.


| 2010-2-8 | by Fungus Workshop |

3 lessons camera bag/handbag(size: 18x12cm, good fit for LC-A, natura classica, olympus XA, etc.) beginner course will be started on 27 Feb 12-2pm. join now!


| 2010-1-29 | by Fungus Workshop |

hand dyed dark brown rolleiflex strap for a photographer friend


| 2010-1-22 | by Fungus Workshop |

hoiming & baldwin@ Design Cities 設計城市 by RTHK (as presenters) - Jan 23 (Sat) 7:00pm at Jade


| 2010-1-18 | by Fungus Workshop |

beginner course products

namecard holder

coins bag