A handmade leather bags and accessories workshop, FUNGUS WORKSHOP is a partnership between ‘hoiming’ (a leather goods designer brand) and ‘cowrice’ (a lifestyle creative unit).  FUNGUS WORKSHOP is passionate about expressing individual creativity, and uses this workshop to share their leatherwork and attitude towards life with the world.

FUNGUS WORKSHOP is a creative workshop filled with lovers of unique hand-made designs, varying from leather goods and fashion to photography, paintings, writings and home ware.

‘hoiming’ was founded by Hoiming Fung and Baldwin Pui in 2006.  This high-end designer of leather handbags and accessories can be seen at Harvey Nichol’s, Design Gallery and other renowned fashion stores.  Unwilling to follow boring everyday rules, they design with a unique sense of fashion and style.  Marrying the traditional and the innovative at the same time, their design concepts embrace life with a bit of fun and lots of energy.

‘cowrice’ was founded by Philip Lau and Grace Kwok in 2003.  In 2009, ‘cowrice’ published their first book, Capture the Fleeting Moments of Life.  Elegantly combining photography, words, illustrations and hand-made creations, ‘cowrice’ expresses their feelings about a simple but sensitive life.  Their works are inspired by the smallest, barely noticed moments in life, contradictions between a peaceful and pleasant personality, and the irritations of modern society.


FUNGUS WORKSHOP 是個手造皮具工作室, 由手袋飾物品牌 hoiming 與生活創作組合 cowrice 共同成立,以發表及售賣個人作品,並提供手造皮具工作坊,分享我們的生活態度。

FUNGUS WORKSHOP是個創作工作室,我們熱愛手造及獨一無二的設計,皮具,時裝,攝影,錄像,繪畫,文字,家品。

hoiming 是 Hoiming Fung 及 Baldwin Pui 於2006年創立。 致力創作及生產高級皮具手袋,並於 Harvey Nicoles,Design Gallery 等發售。他們厭棄市場上單一平板的設計,決心用獨特的生活觸感去創作,把傳統及創新融為–體,令生活多一點趣味及生氣,而不是盲目妥協世界而已。www.hoiming.net

cowrice 由 Philip Lau 及 Grace Kwok 於 2003 年創立。致力創作瑣碎無聊的東西,去年出版了私人真情剖白小品《凝映》。 他們主要以照片,文字,錄像,插畫及手作製品來作為創作媒體,而靈感或題材則以自我的簡單生活為中心,帶出平和單純的感覺,同時亦帶一點對社會現況的不滿,既單一又矛盾。www.cowrice.com


f u n g u s  w o r k s h o p

G/F, 1 Leung I Fong, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


email : fungusworkshop@gmail.com


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